2nd Annual Christmas Song Competition

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About The Competition

The Christmas Song Competition is an annual competition that is broadcasted on TATV from November 4th, 2017 through December 11th 2017. Brought to you by B&B Production, 24 Flix and TATV, every week hundred of local singers of all ages and background will showcase their talents, bring more Joyce to the holiday season and compete to win the grand prize of $3000 in cash for the 1st place, $1000 in cash for the 2nd place and $500 in cash for the 3rd place plus more than $10,000 in prize. Audition will take place in November 4th and 11th and every week thereafter until the grand finale on December 11th 2017 the judges will evaluate, coach and select who will be part of the 10 finalists.


Why do I have to pay?
The payment helps offset about 10-15% of the cost for the event.

How old do I have to be to participate?
This contest is open to all ages

Can I sing an original song?
You can sing any Christmas song, however we would highly recommend the original song in the event you make the finale. It will be required to have an original song.

How long does my song have to be?
Song needs to be less then 2 minutes.

Can I sing with a track?
During the auditions, you cannot sing with any music or tracks. For the semi-final and the final, you'll be able to do so.

How many people can  audition?
You can have a maximum of 5 people as a group during the auditions

Can I bring my family for the audition?
You can bring your family for support, however they will not be able to enter the audition room. during the semi-final and final, they'll be able to watch you perform.

Do I get anything if I don't make the audition?
Yes, our partner Greg Rike studios is willing to give 50% off their rate for recording.

What styles of music can I sing?
You can do hip-hop, classical, jazz, rock, R&B and everything in between as long as the lyrics are non-offensive and safe for the family.

Can I sing in a different language?
Yes, you can sing in any language, however the producers and the judges must have the translation in advance.

Where will this show air?
This show will air on all TATV Network, you can get the app, watch online at mytatv.com or on Channel 38.2 in Central Florida or 11.2 in South Florida.

Will I receive an email with the audition location?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email with audition information.

Can I pick my audition date?
Yes you can select a preferred audition date and we will do everything we can to ensure that your date remains the same, however we reserve the right to change your audition date.

Can I cancel?
Yes, you can cancel the audition, however there will be no refund.

What are the show dates?
The Auditions are on November 4 & 11
The Elimination Round is on November 18
The Semifinals are November 25 & December 2
The Final is on December 16

Where do I sign up?
Keep scrolling down and you'll see the registration form

What are some of the prizes?
The winner(s) will receive a variety of prizes from a music video
special to appearances to recordings and even a possible deal
with a major label.


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